Debt Mediation Services in the Bay of Plenty and Waikato

If you are tired of the lack of results and high costs that traditional debt collection methods seem to be associated with, then IPI Debt Mediation Services may be a great fit for you.

Debt Mediation Services

If your clients are anything like the business owners that we have met they are tired of the lack of results and large costs that traditional debt collection methods seem to be associated with.

IPI Debt mediation services resolve outstanding accounts by addressing the cause of the debt not just the symptoms.

The result of this is not only a very high success rate but a quick turnaround and a massive reduction in reputational damage to the creditor through proper resolution not confrontation.

IPI's experienced debt mediators have resolved nearly 2000 contentious debts so far, with no reputational damage experienced by our clients meaning no negative Google reviews, complaints or threats of any kind, even in extremely volatile situations.

IPI Mediators are experienced and trained field agents and use these skills to conduct mediations. We are all licenced through the Ministry of Justice PSPLA system.

What we don't do:

  • We do not send out a series of letters in the hope that the debtor will decide to pay and then send a huge bill to our client.
  • We do not employ overseas call centres to harass debtors with frequent calls to annoy them to pay.


IPI DMS will consider any case over $5,000 with no upper limit and specialise in disputed accounts that would normally be referred to the disputes tribunal ( under $30,000) or to the district court ( over $30,000)

If this sounds like a service that you or your clients could benefit from, please contact us, or use the form below.

Insurance, licenses and memberships

Protecting your best interests is our priority. We are licensed by the Ministry of Justice to conduct private investigations and repossessions, and we hold public liability and professional indemnity insurance to protect against the downside.

How can we help you?

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