Theft Investigations

Police are often over-worked and under-resourced. We will work alongside authorities to help track down thieves who have invaded your business premise or private home. Unlike police, we can work with you to offer a reward for any information or leads. This approach will often bring people out of the woodwork, allowing you to get to the bottom of the matter quickly. We will confidentially liaise with such people and manage all information as it comes to hand.



Expert surveillance is key to many investigations. We have access to the latest technology including GPS tracking devices and covert cameras. Our team also carries out physical surveillance of property or people and can electronically monitor telecommunications. All surveillance operations are carried out in accordance with New Zealand law.


TCSM - Bug Removal/De Bugging

We are experienced in Technical Counter-Surveillance Measures (TCSM). If you suspect your home or business has been bugged, or information is being leaked via other means, we will carry out a comprehensive sweep of your premises using specialist bug and camera detecting equipment.


Drug Investigations

Check whether your potential home or business premises has ever been used as a meth lab. We will conduct thorough testing to ensure everything is safe before you buy or sign a lease agreement.
We can also implement drug testing programmes for your employees and perform routine swabs and urine tests when required to ensure staff are drug-free.


Security Reviews

How secure is your house or business premise? Let us put your security to the test. We’ll spot any weak points you may have overlooked and will advise how to prevent thieves from gaining access.
We also provide staff training on loss prevention – educating people on how shoplifters operate and what signs to look out for.


Fraud and Corruption Investigations

We have vast experience when it comes to uncovering fraud and corruption in the workplace. If you suspect you’re being defrauded or want to trace exactly where funds have gone, we will study all electronic and physical evidence to uncover the truth.


Undercover Investigations

There are many reasons why you might need covert surveillance. Our clients often wish to track someone’s movements, monitor employee behaviour or find out who is causing trouble in their neighbourhood after dark. We use discreet, confidential surveillance methods to get you the information you need.


Workplace and Employee Theft Investigations

Many people take advantage of their employers when they think no-one’s looking. Using company vehicles without permission, charging personal expenses to a company credit card or helping themselves to products or services are all common scenarios we can help your business detect and avoid. Our team will use a range of methods (including surveillance, hidden cameras and cyber investigations) to catch any employees who are stealing from you.


Corruption, Bribery and Conflict of Interest Investigations

Ensure the people you’re dealing with are above board. If you’re involved in a major contract or transaction, it’s worth double checking the other party isn’t benefiting in ways you’re unaware of. We will uncover any evidence of corruption, bribery and conflicts of interest by asking the right questions and looking in the right places.


Hidden Camera Installation

We have access to the latest covert camera and surveillance technology to keep an eye on your home or workplace. Record exactly what’s happening on your premises while you’re not there so you can approach the authorities armed with concrete evidence.


Industrial Espionage Investigations

Business is a cut-throat world but no-one wants their competitors to have an unfair advantage. If you suspect someone is leaking sensitive or confidential information, we can help you put a stop to it. We will use surveillance, hidden cameras and cyber investigation techniques to establish whether your business information is ending up in the wrong hands.