Data Recovery

Retrieve the information you need from any computer, smartphone or mobile storage device. It doesn’t matter whether files have been deleted accidentally or on purpose, we can get them back for you. Our cyber expert specialises in recovering information from hard drives that have crashed or when flood damage has occurred.


IP Traces

Have you been the victim of an online scam, internet bullying or email harassment? We can help you trace the origins of any online communications by tracking the IP address involved so you can gather the evidence you need to approach the authorities.


Media Shipping

Our services include transferring digital information stored on flash drives from one location to another. This is more secure than using a standard courier service and will ensure your sensitive documents remain confidential at all times.


Mobile Phone Forensics

A mobile phone can reveal a great deal about a person’s movements and lifestyle – information that’s often crucial to wider investigations. We can uncover all the information stored away on any mobile phone. Track the call and data history, contacts list and even the location of places visited. This service can provide useful leads when mobile phones are left behind at crime scenes.


Ethical Hacking & Web Security

How secure is your website or web application? With your permission, our cyber expert will try and hack into your system to establish any weak points that other people could potentially exploit. We will then provide the technical advice you need to tighten up any loopholes we discover.


Internet Defamation

Protect your own reputation online. People often make defamatory comments while hiding behind the anonymity of a computer. Our cyber investigators can find out exactly who’s responsible for any comments or articles published on the internet, and gather the appropriate evidence for you to take action.


Internet Content Removal

Once something is published online, it’s impossible for a third party to remove it. But there are certainly ways to cover information up and make it harder for search engines to find. We can work with you to help limit the exposure of any negative material or comments, and lodge formal requests with companies like Facebook or Google for information to be taken down.


Reputation Management Services

Keep track of what’s being said about you, or your business, online. We will monitor your online presence and alert you to any issues that arise. Negative or harmful comments can quickly be contained before spiraling out of control and irreparably damaging your reputation.