Process Serving

Contrary to popular belief, police don’t always service trespass notices or protection orders on your behalf. Serving documents like eviction notices or the above papers can put you in a vulnerable position. Remove the stress and protect your own safety by having IPI serve legal documents on your behalf.


Rest Home Abuse

Are you concerned your loved one is being mistreated or abused in their own rest home? We will help your family get to the bottom of the situation to find evidence and/or corroborating accounts from other people connected to the rest home or care worker concerned.


Pre Marital Background Checks

Uncover any issues your potential spouse might be hiding from you before you say ‘I do’. Bad debts, previous marriages, sexual orientation or financial and relationship patterns can all destroy a marriage if you are blindsided by them. Get all the information you need up front – not just the details your partner is willing to share.


Internet Defamation

Protect your own reputation online. People often make defamatory comments while hiding behind the anonymity of a computer. Our cyber investigator can find out exactly who’s responsible for any comments or articles published on the internet, and gather the appropriate evidence for you to take action.


Breaches of Restraining Orders

Get the evidence you need to prove someone is breaching a restraining order against you. We can set up communication bugs and hidden cameras in your home to catch and record the offender in the act. We also specialise in physical surveillance to help provide you with peace of mind and immediate back-up if required.


Hidden Camera Installation

We have access to the latest covert camera and surveillance technology to keep an eye on your home or workplace. Record exactly what’s happening on your premises while you’re not there so you can approach the authorities armed with concrete evidence.


Online Dating Identity Verification

Before you meet in person, check whether your online date is who they say they are. We’ll ensure their picture and key information such as age, address, job, interests and other relevant details are legit. Putting your heart on the line is enough… don’t risk your safety as well.